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You might have all the latest security installations available installed at your home, but you leave your valuable items and belongings out in the open for everyone to see. This is a really mindless move having gone to all the extra effort of making sure the outer part of your home is safe and then being so frivolous with the your internal safety. Unfortunately if someone can see something of value up for grabs they will do whatever it takes regardless of how difficult it can may be, they will always find a way to get past your initial security.

So how do you protect the inside of your property as well as the outside. Firstly you can make sure all windows are kept locked our covered with screens, some heavy drapery is also a good idea it can prevent people from seeing inside and make an entrance more tricky. Inside cameras that few each room and a safe or vault that holds those items dear to you.  Having a safe not only means your items are protect from a burglar or thieve but also from natural hazards such as an earthquake, fire or flood.

With crime rates on the rise it is always better to have an air of caution and think about preventative measures. Having a safe installed will do just that. A locksmith/security company will be able to offer you a huge selection, of different possibilities. They will provide you with information and understanding about the type of safe you should invest. They can install it for you and will be able to help you if for instance the safe doesn’t lock properly or something is malfunctioning with it. Here are a few of the varieties of safes and vaults suitable for the home.

In Floor Safes – Designed to be incredibly difficult to find as they are submerged into the floor. Discreet safe meant to go unnoticed.

Wall Mounted Safes – These safes provide hidden protection for miscellaneous valuables and documents. Can also be pry resistant for anti- theft purposes it can also be hidden from display with a painting.

Data and Media Safes – This is a type of safe that can withstand temperatures up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, digital media can only stand heat up to 125 before all of its data will be erased. Data safes will protect against those high temperatures and possible smoke damage too.

Home Office Safes – A free standing safe that can be bolted to the floor or even free standing. This type of safe is fire resistant and drop resilient. If a burglar tries to drop the safe repeatedly to gain access this will not happen, the safe is constructed from harden fabric and heavy steel.

Fire resistant – Protecting its contents against fire, allowing you to concentrate on your family in the event of a fire. Insulation panels and thin sheet metal walls help make if fire resistant.

Room Size Vaults – Majorly used for commercial businesses but can be also use in homes. Able to resist fire, data protection and valuables made out of varying fabrics depending on the vaults purpose.

These are just a few examples of possible safe or vault types for the home. Always get help from a professional locksmith who can make sure your safe is fully functional and help with any emergency situations.

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