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There are quite a few different types of car keys, with different technologies implemented inside them this depends on the make, model and year of your car. The different car keys you might come across are:-

Mechanical Blade – This is a key which looks similar to that for your house, when inserted into the ignitions it disables the steering lock allowing the key to turn. It may also be used for the trunk or glove compartment depending on your vehicles model. These keys are laser keys made with specific laser cutting equipment.

Transponder Chip Key – This is a key which has a code inside the plastic part of the key. Most vehicles made within the last 15 years will use an electronic transponder chip. The idea of the electronic transponder key is to reduce theft.  The key works only with your vehicles onboard computer which recognizes the keys unique code and allows the engine to start. Modern cars use an immobilizer so if the wrong key is inserted into the ignition the vehicle will not start, the mechanical key may open the doors and turn but it will not start the vehicle

Remote Control – Most vehicles come with a remote control, it will unlock and lock the doors, trunk and arm or disable the alarm it works through a radio transmitter or infrared which sends a coded message to the receiver fitted inside the car.  Some newer models no longer have a mechanical blade, they have a plastic end which is inserted into the ignition to start the car even newer models use a complete keyless system that senses when you are close to the vehicle and unlocks it for you. You will not have an ignition key just a button to push to start your vehicle.

Rolling Codes – Is a transponder chip key which uses rolling codes for added security, each time you use your key it will the transponder code will change. These keys are pretty difficult to replace when lost.

Mater Keys – Mainly dealers use master keys to program new replacement keys, these are costly to replace if lost. Most manufacturers have stopped using this system, instead they hold car security information in a database which can be used to reprogram keys.

To make a new key can be quite tricky especially if you find yourself travelling from location to location and lose your key. If you go to your dealer you will incur the costs of towing and the key replacement, which is quite an annoyance and more costly. Using a mobile locksmith in all lost key, broken key, key extractions, ignition replacement or repair, car lockouts and trunk lockouts will be the quickest, easiest and most affordable option for you. Mobile locksmith are very well trained and experienced they can fix just about anything with ease. So when you need new car keys just call for a mobile locksmith most are 24 hours if you find yourself in an emergency.

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