Signs That I Need Ignition Replacement

ignition replacementWhat Are some of the Signs that I Need an Ignition Replacement?

Did you know that the ignition switch can cause you to spend the night in the streets? Indeed, it is one of the most important electronic components in a vehicle.  The ignition switch is usually located on the steering column behind the ignition lock cylinder.

It is important that you report any issues to a locksmith immediately to avoid the worst experience. So what are some of the signs that your ignition switch might fail any time soon? Here are some of the signs you need to watch out for.

  1. Car Starts and Suddenly Stalls

When a car starts and suddenly stalls, this is a symptom of an issue occurring with the ignition switch. This is especially true when the ignition switch stalls at the on position. The ON position is supposed to power on the fuel and the ignition system. Therefore, this occurrence means that the powering process is interrupted, leading to sudden failure and the engine stopping.

  1. Your Car Stalls While Driving

Another symptom that points to a faulty ignition switch is a vehicle suddenly stalling while the engine is running. In case the ignition switch is failing while the engine is running, this causes a power cut off, leading to the engine stopping.

  1. Accessories Powering Issues

When the ignition switch fails to power the vehicle accessories, this is another symptom to be wary of. Basically, when you insert the key and turn it to the ACC position, the accessories should be powered up. If you don’t see them turn on, there is an upcoming problem. However, even the lock cylinder might be causing this issue. So it is important to have the two checked.

The ignition switch and ignition lock cylinder should be changed by a trained locksmith. Therefore, if you are experiencing either of the above symptoms, you need to consider ignition replacement or ignition lock cylinder servicing. Contact Locksmith Arcadia today for professional ignition switch replacement.