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Electronic door locks are security hardware devices that function by means of an electrical current. With electronic door locks, you don’t have to worry about misplacing the keys to your home or apartment because this type of residential security lock does not require any key. One of the amazing things about electronic door locks is that they offer a great deal of protection against lock picking and lock bumping; unlike the traditional cylinder padlocks which can easily be opened by burglars and intruders with simple lock picking and lock bumping tools.
There are different types of electrical door locks available on the market today; each with its own cost and advantage when the security of your home or business is concerned. If you are unsure about which type of electronic door lock will adequately suit your home or business, then you need to consult with an experienced locksmith before installing any type of electronic lock in your home or business. The two most common types of electronic door locks that are currently available on the market include:
Stand-Alone Electronic Door Locks
In the stand alone electronic door lock, the electronic access control attached directly to the lock itself. This type of lock is usually operated by means of a numerical keypad. Each time the correct combination of digits is pressed into the keypad, an electronic signal is transmitted to the locking mechanism and the lock is released immediately. The Stand Alone Electronic door lock is also designed to lock itself automatically whenever the door closes. It can only be operated by means of a switch from the inside or by another keypad.
Magnetic Door Locks
Another basic form f the electronic lock is the Magnetic door lock. This type of electronic door lock comprises of an electro-magnet which is carefully mounted on the door frame and a magnetic armature which is mounted in a corresponding position on the door itself. The beauty about the magnetic type of electronic door locks is that they are very easy to install and can withstand attacks from burglars and intruders.
If you have already installed mortise locks and traditional cylinder locks on your home or apartment doors, you can easily have them replaced with their electronic variations. The electronic versions of mortise or cylinder locks can fit in the same spaces on the door as the regular locks. All you need to do when installing the electronic type door lock in your home or apartment is to carefully drill holes where the electrical wires will pass through and connect with a power transfer hinge.
You can also hire a certified and licensed residential locksmith technician to help you select and install the right electronic door lock on your home or apartment doors if you are too busy to read through the Do-it-Yourself guides on electronic door lock installation.

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