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Garage door locks

Garage door locks ArcadiaGarage door locks are actually very important part of your home’s security system. Unfortunately, many homeowners completely disregard them. Usually, homeowners are totally content with whatever random lock happens to be on their garage doors at the time. What they don’t realize is that a large of break-ins happens at homes through garage doors! So if you paid any attention to your garage door locks in a while, now is a good time for you to take a look at as soon as possible. This is especially necessary if the lock on your garage door is still the one that was installed when your house was constructed a while ago.
So, if you have realized the need to change your garage door lock, you need to look at some of the best choices there are garage door locks.
1. Garage Door Deadbolts
These are pretty common and are typically available in two styles. These are single cylinder deadbolts and double cylinder deadbolts. For the singe cylinders, you need in a key to operate from outside. To operate it from the inside there is a doorknob attached. But with double cylinder garage deadbolts, you will have a key that can be used both on the inside and the outside of the door. Deadbolt-style locks offer a much better protection against thieves than the usual spring style locks common on many garage doors.
2. Electronically-Operated Locks
Now which will electronics, you have cutting edge modern technology that will protect your garage doors from all kinds of thieves and burglars. Rather than being operated by keys that can be lost, electronic locks are opened with fingerprints. You can store as many fingerprints in its memory as you want to give access to multiple people. This way there is no key for anyone to steal. Electronics are the most expensive locks but they also offer the high level of security for your garage doors.
3. Keyless Digital Locks
These locks require no keys but are instead operated by a keypad into which the right digital code has to be entered in order to open the door. These kinds of locks cannot be busted open up, picked or ‘jimmied’ open either, unlike most mechanical locks. This is why they offer a very high level of security. Also, most manufacturers of digital actually offer a lifetime warranty against any damages that may be caused intruders.
4. Side-Mounted Bolt
Another deadbolt-style lock, these garage door side-mounted bolts are mounted on the garage door track. This is a type of lock that cannot be accessed from outside the garage, even if specialized tools are being used. This makes it a highly effective garage door lock. A side-mounted door bolt is very simple and an inexpensive but offer very good security.

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