How to Avoid a Car Lockout Incident

car lockoutHow to Avoid a Car Lockout Incident

A car lockout is the most inconveniencing experience of all. Imagine standing next to a fully functional vehicle, but without having access to the car.

On top of that, your manager is calling, asking you how long it will take for you to make an important meeting with several high-profile clients.

Do not miss an important sale because of a car lockout. Contact an experienced automotive locksmith near your location for immediate assistance.

It Happens to Everyone

Remember that even the most organized people forget things and that losing a car key can happen to anyone. You can even lock your keys in the car, especially when rushing for an important appointment.

In this article, I shall highlight some of the important things you need to consider to avoid a car lockout. However, before we begin, I would like to mention that there is no such thing as “unloseable” car keys. Any portable item can easily be misplaced.

Consider that, even in the case of residential door locks, it is possible to forget the correct combination, hence, leading to a house lockout. As experienced automotive locksmiths, we give you some of the easiest things to do to avoid a car lockout. After reading these tips, you should be able to prevent 99 percent of cases that lead to getting locked out!

  1. Train Yourself to Check for the Car Keys Regularly

A habit comes with a great strength, especially when you want to quit the things that you do. For instance, if you develop a habit of checking for the car keys often, you will effectively minimize the possibility of misplacing your car keys.

You would want to make the car keys as close as your mobile phone is to you. For instance, if you’re used to carrying your phone in your hands frequently, do the same for your car keys. This creates a habit that will help avoid misplacing your car keys.

  1. Consider car key rekeying so that you can keep a spare key

Automobile locksmiths can make a spare key for your vehicle. With two sets of keys, you can easily survive a car lockout incident.

With multiple car keys, you can leave one at home, keep the other with a close colleague, and another set in an office safe. Therefore, you can easily get an alternative key helping you out in case of a lockout.

  1. Keep a Car Lockout Locksmith’s Number around

A car locksmith who offers mobile services can easily rescue you in case you’re locked out of your vehicle. Contact the experienced automobile lockout locksmiths who will assist you immediately whenever you are facing the car lockout incident.

Contact Locksmith Arcadia for immediate assistance whenever you are facing a car lockout. We are always available on a 24/7 basis and will come to your location. Our mobile team will serve you soon after you have called us.

Signs That I Need Ignition Replacement

ignition replacementWhat Are some of the Signs that I Need an Ignition Replacement?

Did you know that the ignition switch can cause you to spend the night in the streets? Indeed, it is one of the most important electronic components in a vehicle.  The ignition switch is usually located on the steering column behind the ignition lock cylinder.

It is important that you report any issues to a locksmith immediately to avoid the worst experience. So what are some of the signs that your ignition switch might fail any time soon? Here are some of the signs you need to watch out for.

  1. Car Starts and Suddenly Stalls

When a car starts and suddenly stalls, this is a symptom of an issue occurring with the ignition switch. This is especially true when the ignition switch stalls at the on position. The ON position is supposed to power on the fuel and the ignition system. Therefore, this occurrence means that the powering process is interrupted, leading to sudden failure and the engine stopping.

  1. Your Car Stalls While Driving

Another symptom that points to a faulty ignition switch is a vehicle suddenly stalling while the engine is running. In case the ignition switch is failing while the engine is running, this causes a power cut off, leading to the engine stopping.

  1. Accessories Powering Issues

When the ignition switch fails to power the vehicle accessories, this is another symptom to be wary of. Basically, when you insert the key and turn it to the ACC position, the accessories should be powered up. If you don’t see them turn on, there is an upcoming problem. However, even the lock cylinder might be causing this issue. So it is important to have the two checked.

The ignition switch and ignition lock cylinder should be changed by a trained locksmith. Therefore, if you are experiencing either of the above symptoms, you need to consider ignition replacement or ignition lock cylinder servicing. Contact Locksmith Arcadia today for professional ignition switch replacement.

6 Ways a Commercial Locksmith Can Help Your Company

commercial locksmith6 Ways a Commercial Locksmith Takes Care of Your Business

One of the most important things about running a business is having strong security to back it up in case of an incident.

A commercial locksmith knows business security better than anyone, so they are the most qualified to bring your security up to speed.

Here are 6 ways a Commercial Locksmith can secure your company from theft and break-ins.

  1. Lock and key Maintenance

    • Most companies tend to ignore their locks until they’re beyond repair and it’s too late. A Commercial Locksmith will maintain your locks and replace your keys if they have stopped working or are broken.
  2. High Security Upgrades

    • Robbers and thieves are smarter today than ever before. With unlimited access to the internet, they know more about how to get away with crime than ever before. Thus, now is a good time to upgrade your locks because the threat gets more real every day, with techniques such as lock bumping rendering most security virtually useless. Don’t wait until it’s too late; as they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  3. 24/7 Service

    • Every business needs security around the clock that’s going to secure the premises at all times. Because burglaries and robberies rarely happen on schedule. A mobile locksmith is open 24 hours a day, and is always prepared to confront these problems head on.
    • Since locksmiths train for these kinds of emergencies, you know that they will be competent and finish the job fast. Their goal is to take the load off so you won’t have to worry and be able to run your business smoothly again.
  4. New Lock Installation

    • So you went to open the front door and after turning the key, the entire handle comes crashing to the ground! If you need a new lock installed, whether it’s electronic or regular, a locksmith can have it done in several minutes or less. And they’ll do it with a smile!
  5. Company Lockout Service

    • Another thing you can’t really plan for is getting locked out of the office in the morning. Your employees have to work, and every minute you waste is money lost on the clock. Unless you can afford to pay all your employees for the day, you will want a locksmith to come and get you back inside.
  6. Safe Services

    • Your safe should be the most protected item in your company or business. Whether this is the case or not, you may want to bring it up to speed with new locks and anchoring tools that bolt your safe to the ground and make it more difficult to extract. Commercial Locksmiths have specialized knowledge when it comes to safes and can solve any problem you are having with it. This includes safe repair, safe removal, installation, and even replacement.

Commercial Locksmith Services in Arcadia

Now you know how important it is to hire a commercial locksmith in Arcadia to secure your business from theft and burglary. If you are seeking commercial locksmith services in any capacity, whether it’s for a building or a commercial establishment, you can give Locksmith Arcadia a call today at (626) 200-1796. Our locksmiths are veterans in their field and have nearly a decade of experience handling security in the commercial sector.

How to Choose the Best Residential Locksmith

best residential locksmith (626) 200-1796

The Best Residential Locksmith is Trustworthy

As a homeowner, we want to hire a trustworthy residential locksmith or contractor to do any type of work on our homes. Therefore, the first thing we can do is research and find that one locksmith company that we would trust with our homes. Doing so can be difficult because sometimes vendors will promise things to catch your eye and sell you their services.

Below are some things we should look for when selecting a locksmith company to do any sort of work. Especially if you are looking for a good residential locksmith.

  1. Licensed – Be sure that they are licensed or certified by your state.
  2. Better Business Bureau – You can find any business and have the ability to read any good or bad reviews for that company and even any complaints. You want to avoid any companies that have very low ratings. They may be inexpensive, but the chances of quality work are zero to none.
  3. Word of mouth – Many times we use a service because a family member or a friend recommended it. As a business owner, this is another way of advertising your business. Therefore, it is beneficial to build good rapport with customers and provide high quality work. As a result, word gets to others and they find the confidence to use your company themselves.
  4. Online Reviews – Nowadays, many of us refer to the internet to find out about the pros and cons of any given business. It’s a fast way to obtain information, a modern version of word of mouth.
  5. Upfront Prices – Many companies will provide starting rates but sometimes, they can be higher than their competitor’s rates. That is why, when you contact a locksmith, make sure to ask for their starting rates and be prepared that prices are subject to change depending on the type of work that will be done. Sometimes, we feel that it’s an easy job and not as difficult as we think. But as they say, you can’t judge a book by its cover. Many companies may have higher rates but if the company is reputable, they will work with your budget. If not, the company may not invest a lot into their customers.

NOTE: Many starting rates do not include service call fees.

Another tip when looking for a good residential locksmith is to find someone that can provide a variety of locksmith services. Some locksmiths will say they can do more than just unlock a house door, but in reality, they are usually not trained or certified in anything else. We offer our customers a variety of services:

  1. Changing door locks
  2. Car key cutting
  3. Lock replacement
  4. Opening Safes
  5. Re-key
  6. Mailbox lockout
  7. Trunk lockout
  8. Mailbox lock change
  9. File cabinet change
  10. Safe installation and service
  11. Car lockout
  12. Key duplication
  13. House lockouts

The Best Residential Locksmith gives Peace of Mind

When you hire a company that knows what they are doing, it gives you peace of mind. We recommend that you take the necessary steps before hiring any locksmith to do any work for you. Call Locks-Me Service at (626) 200-1796 and get peace of mind today!